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Mon, 15th November 2021

Great demonstration of the Scottish 3rd Degree!


Once again our Brothers from our Twinned lodge, Lodge St Andrew, Denny and Loanhead did a fantastic demonstration of the Scottish 3rd Degree.

120 seated in the Temple and plenty of Haggis and Bagpipes at the festive board, with more pipes and songs in the bar afterwards. And plenty raised for charity to boot!

Everything Freemasonary is about!

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Wed, 30th June 2021

Great to be back!

After what seems to be an age of Lockdowns and Zoom meetings, it was great to be back in the Masonic Halls today for our General Purposes (GP) Meeting. Fantastic to see so many there!

There was lots of great conent to discuss particually upcoming Social Events, Charity Donations and 2 Candidates in the pipleline. So looks to be a great fun year ahead.


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Wed, 4th December 2019

A Great Scottish 3rd Degree

An absolutely fantastic night at Croydon District Masonic Hall, 156 dining , Haggis, Kilts, bagpipes and songs. A truley inspirational evening which epitomizes everything about Freemasonry great meeting and great company and safe travels back to Falkirk to our brothers from Lodge St Andrew Denny & Loanhead No.176 see you in January!



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Thu, 12th April 2018

50 Years in Freemasonry

The 462nd meeting of Coulsdon Lodge saw our longest serving member W.Bro Tony Lucke PPJGD reach his 50th year in Freemasonry. Tony was initiated into Coulsdon Lodge in March 1968 before many current members of the lodge were even born.

Tony was presented with a 50th year in Freemasonry certificate by our very own APGM W.Bro Bill Caughie. The certificate was presented while the lodge was called off allowing Tony's wife and family to participate in the presentation, Which was a great touch!


Also at this meeting say Bro Jamal Hakimi raised to the 3rd Degree.

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Sun, 12th November 2017

November Meeting

The 460th regular meeting held at Croydon District Masonic Hall on 10th November 2017 once again saw our friends from Lodge St Andrew Denny & Loanhead travel down and give an exceptional demonstration of the Scottish 3rd degree.

And as ever certainly continued the entertainment in the bar afterwards with jokes, songs and bagpipes!

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Also at this meeting the following charity donations where made:

£875.00 to the 2019 Festival
£640.00 Brain Tumour Trust
£200 3rd Selsdon Brownies
£125.00 Wealdon Sailability Trust
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Thu, 14th September 2017

2017 Installation Meeting

Thursday 14th September saw Coulsdon Lodge induct W.Bro Steve Aveline as WM for the 2nd time, Steve was last in the chair in 1999-2000.

Coulsdon Lodge were also proud to welcome 2 new joining members Bro. Richard. Pelc and Bro. Luke Sommer.

The Charity Steward gave his report and gave notice of motion to propose that the Lodge make the following donations at the next meeting:

• £875 - 2019 Festival

• £640 – Brain Tumour Trust

• £125 – Wealdon Sailability Trust

• £200 – 3rd Selsdon Brownies.

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Thu, 13th April 2017

April Meeting

At our April 2017 meeting Coulsdon Lodge were proud to initiate and welcome our newest member Bro Oberhiri Akpotu who had the fortune of also bumping in to the Provincial Grand Master Ian Chandler who also extended his welcome.


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Thu, 8th September 2016

Coulsdon Lodge Installation Meeting

On Thursday 8th September, at the 455th Regular Meeting. Coulsdon Lodge installed W.Bro Oneyor Atie as Worshipful Master for the ensuing 12 months.


Also at this meeting the Lodge was very proud to announce the appointment of one of our own members W.Bro Bill Caughie PAGDC as Assistant Provincial Grand Master APGM.

Other members recieving promotion were:

  • W.Bro Les Smith to continue another year as active ProvDepGDC
  • W.Bro George Bishop promoted to PPGReg
  • W.Bro Ian Keen promoted to PPJGD

Notice of motion was given that the following charity donations would be proposed at the next regular meeting:

  • £875 to the 2019 Festival
  • £640 to the Brain Tumour Trust
  • £125 to the Wealdon Sailability Trust