Lodge History

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A short history of the Coulsdon Lodge No 4547


On the 15th January 1923 at the George IV Public House, George Street, Croydon, W.Bros.Pressey, Hewlett and Bros. Adams, Blandford, Bacon, Choppin, Dell, Pope, Relfe, Ratcliffe met to discuss a new lodge, W. Bro. Pressey was elected Chairman and Bro. Ratcliffe Secretary pro tem.


 The subject of the discussion “ The desire that has existed and found expression amongst various Brethren with regard to the need of a Coulsdon Lodge and the very commendable spirit thus evinced by the younger brethren to make advancement in masonic knowledge.”


Various further meetings were held and the Old England Lodge No. 1790 ( of which 10 of the petitioners were members) agreed to recommend the new lodge at a meeting on the 5th April 1923. Recommended by W. Bro. G.H. Redwood PGD Deputy Grand master in charge on the 16th May 1923 and submitted to the United Grand lodge on the 17th May 1923.


It was to be called “Coulsdon Lodge” and to meet at the Café Royal, North End, Croydon on the second Thursday in February, March, April, September and November with W. Bro. Edward Pressey, P.M. to be the first master with W. Bro. Harold Albery Hewlett P.M. as the first senior warden and Bro. Alfred Napoleon Choppen as the first junior warden.


A letter was received dated 17th August 1923 that the warrant was ready for delivery requesting the amount of fees as follows;

Warrant of Constitution          £10. 10. 0
20 petitioners at 2/6 each      £  2. 10. 0
Book of proposal forms           £        4. 6
                                Total:    £ 13.  4 . 6


For the venue for the consecration on the 11th September 1923,
in the absence of a suitable hall in Croydon, the Prov.G.Sec. recommended that it be held at Mark masons Hall London. This was arranged with the charge for the hall, the use of furniture and Consecrating Vessels being 6 Guineas £ 6. 6. 0.


After the meeting Dinner would be at the Connaught Rooms at 12/6d.


The design of the founder’s jewel was derived from the Lych Gate (see below) of the Coulsdon Church and cost 36/-.

Lych gate.jpg 

The fee for founder’s was £ 10. 10. 00. Including the founder’s jewel.
Initiation fee £ 10. 10. 00
Joining fee £ 7. 7. 00
Subscription £ 3. 3. 00
Visitors fee £ 1. 1. 00


The first ladies night was held at the Princes restaurant London Tuesday 4th March 1924 where dispensation was given for the wearing of Masonic Clothing.


On the 17th January 1929 a proposal was submitted to change meeting to the Red Lion Hotel Coulsdon. This was defeated For 12 Against 36.


The meetings were moved to the Croydon Masonic hall with the first meeting held on 8th September 1955, as the Café Royal was demolished.
The Masonic Hall, before the war, was a Presbytarian Church.
During the war it was deconsecrated and used as a food store. After the war it was purchased by the freemasons and converted into a Masonic Hall.


On the 9th March 1961 Coulsdon Lodge recommended a petition to create Crescamus Lodge.